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The Gellérthegyi Law Office was founded in 1989. Dr. István Gellérthegyi, founder of the Law Office, has professional experience as a lawyer and government official, as well as experience in teaching as an associate professor.
The Law Office provides comprehensive legal services in a wide range of civil law, including administrative law, European Union law and real estate law, and provides extensive professional experience in environmental law issues. Since its inception, the Law Office has provided a number of Hungarian, as well as and foreign companies and government agencies, competent legal advice and effective legal representation.
The Law Office provides a practical solution-oriented approach to a wide range of legal issues in effectively addressing their resolution with a high level of professionalism. Reliable, flexible case management is what can be expected, with quick responses to client questions as inquiries or problems may arise.
The Law Office's classical geographic surroundings embodies its traditional values, and is equipped with advanced computing and telecommunications devices with online access to necessary databases whether needed to provide high-quality work, or to ensure that an electronic signature is legally binding.

Working with the California (USA), The Law Office of Steven Kremer.

The office is centrally located in the judicial, governmental, administrative, banking and business district in downtown Budapest.