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  • Environmental Articles from the International Press (publication editor).  Hungarian Telegraph Office, 1987 – 1989.
  • “Environmental Problems in Hungary.”  Official Journal of the Canadian Superior Court, 1990.
  • Decisions of the court in Environmental State Administration Cases.  HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 1998.
  • Encyclopedia of Environmental and Nature Protection (co-author), Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2002.
  • “System of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in the European Union and the Hungarian Approximation.”  European Law, 2002.
  • Environmental Protection from 1995 to 2001: An Environmental Casebook.  HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 2002.
  • Environmental Law Guidebook for Companies (co-author and editor), HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 2002.
  • Damage Responsibility of the Administrative Authorities: Investigation (co-author), Authorities and Courts.  HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 2003.
  • Environmental Protection From 2002 to 2007: An Environmental Casebook.  HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 2008.
  • “Ten Years of Judicial Reform.”  Ninth Hungarian Reunion of Lawyers, 2008.
  • Agrarian and Environmental Management Textbook (co-author), Mezogazda Publishing Office, 2008.
  • “Rule of Permission in Environmental Protection” , HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 2009.
  • “International and European Environmental Law”, Pro Publico Bono, 2011
  • “The liability of the judicial” book editor, HVG-Orac Publishing Office, 2014